Eco Outlets

Eco Outlets

It's like a free month of electricity, every year, forever!

10% of a home's electricity is used to power devices that are off.

Installing Eco Outlets in your home can help you save that 10%!

When it comes to saving energy, there is one guaranteed way to save:  turn it off! Common in places like Australia and New Zealand, known for their conservation efforts, the Eco Outlet replaces your standard home electrical outlet and faceplate.


The Eco Outlet is a project of Dusty Winter, a Northern Nevada high school student, Jack Riggsbee, a graduate teaching assistant and PhD student at the University of Nevada, Reno, and Erich Metten, an engineer with 25 years in plastics/polymer injection molding development and manufacturing. Conceived to leave the world a better than we found it, the Eco Outlet is currently in its design prototype phase and not yet available for sale. Sign up for our newsletter, and we'll keep you informed on our progress!

Awards - Press

Crowdgrant Finalist

Nevada's Only Winning Finalist!

RGJ Article 9/21/2013

Reno-Gazette-Journal Article 9/21/2013

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